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Hiya! Can someone help me out?

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Welcome to the AACA forum! Always glad to see another Olds fan!

What, specifically, is your question? The exhaust layout is rather simple: Exhaust pipe, muffler, tailpipe. I do not believe the '63 had a resonator. If it did, it would come after the muffler.

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Your 1963 Dynamic 88 should have the 394CI engine. There is no need to "relieve " back pressure, the standard stock exhaust system is more than adequate. The best thing you can do to learn about your car is to buy a service manual and read it. You can probably find one on e bay.

Good luck with your car, Dave

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Simplest way is to install dual exhaust, though on a 60s Olds that's not as simple as it sounds.

Look at your right-hand (passenger side) exhaust manifold and you'll see how the driver side exhaust crosses under the engine and into the front of the passenger side manifold. Dual exhaust cars blocked the front opening off with a triangle-shaped steel plate which is easy enough to fabricate and find a gasket.

Dual exhaust cars also used a DE specific driver side manifold to keep the exhaust pipes out of the steering gear and suspension. That manifold can come from any 63-64 Olds with 394 engine and factory dual exhaust. Not common as dirt, but not really bad to find either. It's a rear dump design which clears all the suspension and steering gear. If you try to install duals with the factory center-dump single exhaust LH manifold, your exhaust man will call you names.

Here's what it looks like

and the single exhaust LH chunk http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c396/BeefJeep/394manifolds.jpg

Is your D88 a 2-door, 4-door, convertible or what? that'll dictate the kind of sound you want. I'd use some type of turbo mufller like a Walker DynoMax since that will give you the "Oldsmobile rumble" without a brappy barking exhaust note. If you don't want to go thru the dual exhaust manifold hassle, the turbo muffler alone will help.

Welcome to the world of Roto-HydraMatic Oldsmobiles, and tell us more about this Dynamic. Come see us over on classicoldsmobile.com too as there are several guys over there fooling with 61-64 big cars.

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