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Merkel 4Cyl Inline Automobile (Truck??) Motor 1906-07

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Merkel Motor Co, Milwaukie, Wisc (of the Merkel Motorcycle/Flying Merkel fame) advertised 4 cyl inline automobile engines in 1907 and 1908.

One ad described a 31/2x31/2 air cooled of 12-14 HP, and three water cooled, ranging from 14-16 to 35-40 HP, with an illus of a 4cyl water cooled cast in pairs...

This was before Merkel merged with or was taken over by Light (1909?--I didn't note from the Merkel website)... Light built tractor engines, maybe more, but my dates show later...

The Merkel website didn't mention the auto engines (or perhaps I missed any mention that was there)...

Does anyone here know whether these engines made it into production and into vehicles???

Many thxx!! Bud

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