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For Sale - 1926 Chrysler 4 cyl. engine and trans - cheap! - can deliver to Hershey


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I have a 1926 (I'm told) Chrysler 4 cyl. engine that I'm not using. I'm also told it fits some earlier like 23-25 Maxwells. It is very complete, turns free, and in decent shape - you could probably even make it run as is except it is missing the distributor. It was pulled out of a car that was turned into a street rod :-( - NOT BY ME! It is a little greasy which has limited any rust, etc. and I have had it indoors for the last 10 years. <P>It includes a very nice 3 spd. trans, complete clutch, all accessories except dist., has carb, gen, starter, water pump, manifold, wire loom, handbrake and lever, the whole bit.<P>I am located at the intersection of PA, DE, and MD and can deliver to Hershey - no problem. Price is VERY negotiable - this sale is basically a public service - I'm hoping to find someone who can give it and or the parts a good home. :-)<P>ChuckHadley@FirstUSA.com<BR>(410) 620-5248 eve.<BR>(302) 282-6609 day

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