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1919 Mcalughlin model 63A project

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I bought this car back in 1989 in Coutts, Alberta, Canada. It is coming along but I have moved a number of times and life has got in the way of completing this project... I will get there... Just now getting a shop built will be my first project. The car has been back and forth across Canada twice and I still seem to have all the parts... I will start at the beginning and bring this story up to date over the next few months.

In 1989 there was an auction of a "museum" in Coutts Alberta. It was a 5 day auction and there was lots of non car stuff there as well.

There were about 80 or so vehicles in various states of completeness... Only 2 actually ran. I went down ahead and determined there were 5 cars I would be interested in (all touring cars). I ended up buying the second best one (in my mind) and also the cheapest one at $350.00. I think the 1922 Studebaker would have been a better car and it was the larger model of Studebaker. Mine was marked as a 1917 McLaughlin but as I found out later it was a 1919. It also turned out to be a HA63 special... besides the tag the references I have found say that the specials had the yellow painted wood spoke wheels... and this car had that..

I only lived an hour or so from the auction so after paying for my car I headed home rented a trailer and went back and picked it up... It was a bit of a zoo there as people were picking up vehicles but they did have a make shift tow truck there helping people get cars loaded.

Mine happened to be behind a post so we had to lift it sideways before pulling it out.

The pics attached were taken a few days later after i took all the stuff out that was piled in the back. I don`t have a pic of that but I suspect it was why most people took a pass on this car.... The back was full of what appeared to be junk and the fender and the door on the top of the pile definitely didn't belong to this car.... My good fortune was that everything else down the pile did belong to the car and I would say the car was at least 90% complete... but it sure was rough.... my kind of project.post-64230-143142277028_thumb.png







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