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1948 buick roadmaster convertible

Guest buckfarmer

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Guest Texas Old Car Guy

Nice looking Buick but he should have painted the hood and trunk lid the same time as he painted the body so they would match; from the photos it appears he mis-mixed his paint when they were painted (different shade). Also for that amount of money you would think the interior would have been done - old seat covers and no carpet.

Just my 2 cents.

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Is that shade of mint green correct for a '48 Buick?

I've never seen one that color and suspect it's not an authentic color.

Aside from the mismatched paint, the color looks good on that car, though.

Here's the text from the Craig's List ad in case Forum members want to

see it after the original C.L. ad expired:

"1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible, beautiful car that needs a few minor things to finish. Runs and drives but currently needs points to get started. $42,000 OBO. Private party sale, owner moved out of state. Call 847.561.6815 to view"

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I like the comment on the points. Maybe some TV actors will hurry to get them installed as the new owner drives up the street.

I remember a $25,000 Electra convertible, needs muffler.

My Dad called them gemokes when he came home from WWII. They must still be breeding:

, but with a genetic deficiency.


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