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What exactly have I got here?

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I picked up this falling apart Buick and am not really sure what exactly i've got. I'm going to be parting out the usable stuff except for the frame/axles as soon as this old girl gets an ID

The tags on the firewall are:

Model 27-27

Job# 6850

Body# 34848

Serial # 1848912




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According to the book "Seventy Years of Buick", your Model 27-27 was the most popular style Buick in 1927 in the Standard Six line with production of 40,272 units for domestic sales and 1,448 for export. It was originally finished in Washington Blue with black fenders and upper body. It weighed 3,300 pounds and cost $1,295 new. It came with front and rear carpets and a nickeled foot rest in the rear as standard equipment. Unfortunately because the "body by Fisher" meant lots of wood in the body as structural elements, the fact that the wood has deterioriated makes this a very difficult restoration. There are no "kits" available for the wood and a restorer would have to try to use what remains of the wood as a pattern.

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I have the same car. 1927 -27 that sat in guys garage disassembled fo 51 years.lot of the parts restored and came with 2 engines, 2 transmissions ,2 rear ends and 2 of a lot of other parts. steering wheel is like new. wood is very good.all I have to do is figure out what to do with this car.restoring would take to much time. street rod would be less time and more fun but I already have to many toys so I will just leave it sit in the corner of my shop with the rest of the projects Ha Ha. Jerry

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The car in the photos appears to be a Model 20. A 1927 Model 27 would have four doors.


Check out the photos again - yes a Model 27 came with four doors but this one has the two front doors missing; the only doors shown are the back doors (suicide doors). The funny camera angle tricks the eye. The OP said the firewall tag identified it as a Model 27-27.


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