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All are ORIGINAL (NO REPROS). GOOD condition except as noted.

1. 1934 DeSoto SE PARTS LIST, 1/4" Thick, some illustrations, GOOD. $24.00

2. 1942 DeSoto Model S-10 Preliminary PARTS LIST, 205 pages, MOUSE CHEWED CORNER & LOOSE BACK COVER. $21.00

3. 1940 DeSoto S-7 SHOP MANUAL, 205 pages, LOOSE BACK COVER. $31.00

4. 1941 DeSoto S-8 SHOP MANUAL, 235 pages, LOOSE FRONT COVER & NO BACK COVER. $28.00

5. 1941-42 DeSoto S-8 (With S-10 supplement) SHOP MANUAL, 266 pages, NO FRONT COVER & LOOSE PAGES. $21.00

6. 1928-38 United Motors Service Section of Desoto 6 & 8 Master PARTS LIST, illustrated, 1/4" Thick, GOOD. $24.00

Free shipping by media mail to Lower 48 States. Contact:


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1. NOW $20.OO

2. NOW $17.00

3. NOW $25.00

4. NOW $20.00

5. NOW $17.00

6. NOW $20.00

blincoln 12/23/2013

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