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1930 Plymouth 4-dr Sedan


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Having hard time locating front & rear carpeting for a 1930 Plymouth 4-dr Sedan.<BR>Would appreciate any information on where to get carpeting would be greatly appreciated.

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You should be able to get appropriate carpet from <A HREF="http://www.hirschauto.com/" TARGET=_blank>Bill Hirsch</A>, <A HREF="http://www.hamptoncoach.com/" TARGET=_blank>Hampton Coach</A> or SMS in the Pacific Northwest. The trick is getting the correct stuff. If you have a sample, the above vendors can probably match it.<P>You also may want to call Kathy at:<BR>Shrack's Classic Auto Interiors<BR>RD #1<BR>McAlisterville, PA 17049<BR>(717) 463-3384<P>Shrack's makes interior kits for a number of the early 1930's Plymouths.<P>Also, you ask for "front and rear carpeting". At least for 1933, there was no front carpet. A rubber floor mat was used instead.<p>[ 09-14-2001: Message edited by: ply33 ]

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