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1925 chandler 4dr, sedan big six motor - for sale on ebay

Guest PWN

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1925 chandler 4dr, sedan big six motor new tires made in Cleveland Ohio older restoration been driven in numerous parades etc., its not perfect,but in very good condition, very rare, if you have any questions call charlie at 616-690-4371

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Just for the totally undiluted fun of it, I just checked this one out. Long time storage, last registered in 1937, no title. Fortunately looks to have had most of that 80+ years storage in relatively dry condition. Sitting that long, the mechanical issues will be quite formidable. Sad, an enormous project considering parts scarcity, and current/future market decline. With just under 24 hours left, seems to have one shill bid at $4000, reserve not met. Classic opening day fishing trip, the car may or may not eventually sell even at this price. That is my humble opinion, and I would love to have some peer review from my forum friends who are familiar with Chandler of this period. With its OHV 6 cyl engine, and mid-20s market position,  I wonder how well engineered these cars were, and how reliable/rugged they were in their time ?


Thanks to anyone who can comment as to quality and my pricing criticism.   -   Carl 

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