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On the Shah of Iran's full spatted Bugatti two seater wedding car

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I was curious if anyone has seen a picture of it with the spats (front wheelwell covers) on it back when it was new? The son of the Dutch dealer that imported it from Iran posted a picture online without the spats where it reverts to an ordinary looking car so i was wondering if it had the spats originally. Also it copied the Figoni et Falaschi Delahaye 165 so I was wondering what F & F said when here's another coachbuilder copying their design, though I suspect since war clouds were overhead may be it all didn't matter anymore. I think this was once owned by Oscar Davis (now owned by Petersen Museum). has it ever been printed what he paid for it and what year and what he sold it for?

I think it is almost the best example of prewar streamline styling and can't see what the Shah dumped it unless it reminded him of his first wife (it was a wedding present)

Love to hear opinions...

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