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new member in the uk (59 edsel ranger)

Guest captaincon

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Guest captaincon

hi i thought i best introduce my self my name is conrad and i live in nottingham in the uk . i have just bought my first amercan car its a 1959 edsel ranger .

the car has bee in the uk many years but it came from florida in about 1988 and had a small feture in the first edition of classic american magazine .the car has been left out side for the last 10 year so the british weather has not been to kind to the car so i will be looking for some parts .the last owner has just fitted all new brake and has had the car running but it is far from road worthy

is it possible for some one to confirm the first part of the cars history i have the vin details

serial number a9uf724133

body 58d

color ne1/ trim 25/ date 03b/ trans 3/ axel 2

thank you for any help you can provide



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Well 61 veiws and not one single hello or welcome to the forum . Maybe. Because its a Edsel

Well, Captaincon, I completely missed you first post. Forgive us please. We are usually quicker than this. So WELCOME.

I can't help with the Edsel. I was working at a Ford assembly plant in California when they were introduced. Neat car. Hang in there, someone will jump in with help.


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OK, let's decode the code:

serial number a9uf724133

-A is motor (Ranger 223 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder)

-9 is model year (1959)

-U is assembly/production plant (Louisville, Kentucky)

-F is model (Ranger)

-724144 is car number in production sequence at that plant

body 58d - Ranger 4 door sedan

color ne1 - Light Aqua body, Snow White roof

trim 25 - White and Buff vinyl and Gold Puff cloth

date 03b - February 3rd, 1959 production date

trans 3 - automatic, lever

axel 2 - 3.56 ratio

This is interesting to me, not being familiar with Edsel, I didn't realize that they came with six cylinder engines....just like I didn't realize that my favorite new car, the 1969 Cutlass, could be had with a six cylinder under the hood!

Best of luck and enjoy your car!!

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Guest captaincon

Thanks for the help looks like I have origanal car then

how do I know if its a numbers matching car ? Will their be a frame number and a engine number that match the vin tag or would the engine number start with a e and f for the frame .

Because its a February car would it have been one of the first of the line

thanks again for the help

Is their any way to trace the owners in the states

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Guest captaincon

Just had the first drive in the Edsel and to say it has running faults it's very smooth can't Waite to get it running properly I think it will be grin factor 10 :-)

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