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1924 Roadster 24/34


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Hi, This is my first post on the forum and I own a 1924 24/34 Roadster that was imported to Australia in 1924 as a rolling chassis which then received coachwork by Holden.

The chassis number 1080001 and engine number 1094635 would seem to indicate that this may have been an early import. I purchased the vehicle in January 2011 from a dealer in the UK and it is in very original condition having spent most of its life in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. The car received a repaint in original colour and re-trim about 25 years ago and the last owner had the car for around 15 years before it was sold and imported to the UK.

To date, besides new tyres and tubes, and a brake re-line the car has performed excellently but I am having problems with oil contamination on the rear nearside (LH) brake linings from the rear axle. When I relined the brakes there was a small amount of oil contamination on the hand brake linings so I replaced the felts with oil seals in the oil throwers . I thought at first that the axle may now be pressurizing as the n/s hub cap was filling with oil and the drain tubes to the back plates were dry. I have provided a small vent to the axle by means of labyrinth drilling the oil level plug, but I think there is still a problem. Has anyone had the same experience or can suggest a fix.

I hope you like the photos.




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Yes, we all love to see photos of such rare cars. This is the first 1924 roadster I have seen so far. It is very interesting to see a RHD car showing what seems to be a nameplate covering the dash where the LHD would mount.

I have not had similar issues with my 24 roadster truck (Originally a cut down touring car). However, I suspect your rear end lube may either be too thin or too full. The crown gear only needs to have lube covering the bottom 1/3 to properly lubricate everything. I use SAE 250 lubricants for the transmissions and rear ends in all my older cars. The heavier lube sticks to the gears better and is less likely to leak out through the felt seals.

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Thanks Mark, The nameplate details the Australian importer but does not cover any holes in the dash board, so the dashes were probably unique to either LH or RH drive cars The plate has the following details :- Eyes & Crowle sole agents 75-9 Pirie St Adelaide and from some of my research they also imported other makes.

With regard to the axle lube , I am using Penrite 250 (SAE 250) and the level is approx 1/2" below the level plug. My concern is that the seals are doing such a good job that any excess oil cannot now pass into the thrower and out the drain tubes. I understand that the orginal purpose of the drain tubes was to discharge any oil which found its way into the bearing if the car was parked on a slope, so curing one problem may have created another. Any thoughts ??

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