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Looking for 1963 Riviera steel wheels

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So I finally scored some 15" Buick wheel covers on flea bay that weren't ridiculously overpriced.

It looks like there is one specific steel wheel that will fit on my 63. Is there any other year/model steel wheels that I can use to make these work? I'm sure these aren't correct 63 Riveria wheel covers, but I NEED to get these Dayton wire wheel lookalikes off.

Here is the pic from the ad:


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The wheels needed for a '63 Riviera are typical 15" Buick wheels from the era. As long as you're mounting the type wheel covers you've pictured, you mainly need to be concerned with a couple of things. 1) The wheel has a rather large center hole to clear the large hub on the rear axle/front spindle. 2) The wheel has "bumps" between the bolt holes so the rivets on the front brake drums have a place to go.

The wheel on the right will fit a '63, the one on the left if for '65 and later Buicks that have smaller hubs. You'll notice the difference in sizes of the center holes. The center hole for the 63/64 wheel has no lip on it; the '65 and later wheel has a lip on the center hole. The four small slotted holes are for the cast aluminum bolt on wheel covers; you don't need to be concerned about them.

If you're interested in a set of honest to goodness real live '63 wire wheel covers (black center with silver tri-shields on the spinner,) send me a PM.




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Guest slacker1965


send atomickneedrop a PM & see if he want's to sell his, his name is Kraig & he lives in Eugene, Or... Our dad lives just south of Portland, maybe you could pick them up there to save on shipping? what are you asking for your wire wheels?



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