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IPC and CRT issues, set me straight..


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First, IPC, all I have two trouble indicators. The brake and check engine soon, plus the odometer are all that are working. None of the backlighting is working either. I did move the slider around a couple of times to no avail. I found a thread started by dmashburn way back in '08. DAVES89 and Ronnie recommended a couple of things to check for which I'll do tomorrow. I'll check the #5 fuse, for fun and do the door check and look for the light show with key on (again). Not expecting any good results. IF I get nothing then I'm thinking the IPC needs replaced. Yes? I'm gathering there are guys here who can hook me up one. Names are appreciated, cost I'll think are between me and them. Is there a possible Houston source? It'd be nice to have something close if there was a problem.

Second, CRT, all I get is the radio screen. None of the other 5 hard buttons work. Now what or where? BTW, I replaced the one of the RAP Relays.

Third, since I'm thinking I'm going dash diving is there anything to check or replace while I'm in there? Does anyone have a picture of the dash removal gadget I'll need to make? Would it be possible to make one outta a putty knife or I'm even thinking right?

Last thing, I'm gonna have to replace the power window motors. Any recommended brands and dealers? Any to stay away from? I'll hang up and listen now. Thanks ya'll.

I'll post up the dash view with the key on tomorrow if'n I remember to take the picture this evening.

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If your CRT is lighting up but the IPC is not, you will need to replace the IPC.

The headlight switches are one of the most common parts to go bad and when they do multiple problems can occur including dimming problems but again if your CRT is bright and the IPC is not the IPC needs to be replaced.

I have tested good IPCs available.

If your CRT lights up and you see the radio screen but nothing else changes most likely the CRTC is bad. This is the cathode ray tube controller and is located in the front of the console near the gas pedal.

I have tested good CRTCs available.

The other item that could cause the screen problems is the the touch screen and/or a circuit board mounted to the side of the CRT. The touch screen or the side board could be bad but most likely the CRTC,

There is no "tool" needed to take the dash apart. Everything either snaps together or is screwed together and everything comes apart pretty easily.

You may not have to replace your window motors. Much of the time simply the tracks for the window have gotten dirty and dried grease in them. Remove the door panels and clean and regrease the tracks and I am betting everything will be fine.

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Guest Jose zeta

I am having problems with my passenger side window coming down only about 1 inch and not moving up until next time or not going up or down for days. Help

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I am having problems with my passenger side window coming down only about 1 inch and not moving up until next time or not going up or down for days. Help
Hi Jose. Welcome to the forum! You should start a new thread (topic) with your question so it won't be confused with the discussion already started about the CRT ect.

Also it would be helpful if you would add the model of your Reatta, (and any other relative information), to your signature line. It will make it easier for us to help answer your questions without repeatedly asking you about the specific model you own.

Click "Settings" in the menu at the top of this page and scroll down to "Edit Signature"

It's that easy!

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