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1966 Big Buick Windshield washer pump with NOS kit on it.


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Hey Bill, any idea if this pump is the same as on a 67 Electra? I'm not in line (yet) but I'm not at the car to check. By the way, glad you are over here now... always good to know where the "good guys" are.


Thanks Doug !

The pump is exectly the same but the mounting plate is different. This pump plate will only fit on 65-66 WW motors.

I had a NOS 67 motor assembly and was going to detail this and put it on but the 67 casting was strenghtend in a couple places and the 66& earlier cover does'nt quite fit.

Yeah....got screwed on that other site and took it all the way to the Grand Poohbah and he gives the a%%hole

a pass......

Hello everyone and PEACE !


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Thanks for the info Bill, much appreciated. As you can tell, even though I've belonged to these forums a long time, I'm not a big poster on any site I belong too, mostly because of that type of interaction. In any case, glad you are still around!

If you make it out to Portland for the BCA National, beers are on me! I know you like craft beer, and Portland is the Mecca for it.


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