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Hybrid REO fire truck type vehicle


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I am interested in selling this car/truck, the specifics are: early 1900's body design(open air cab) probably in the 1913-1919 range it could be a Shultz body, I'm not completely sure, aesteticaly the car is in very good shape. The hardware and engine in the car are 1929 REO parts: straight 6 engine, brass hardware including: headlights, spotlight, air horn, etc...<BR>It's a very interesting car and was in full working order 5 years ago, all it needs is some engine maintenance, it's been garage kept since. I have my own price in mind, but if anyone is interested please contact me at my e-mail with any offers, because of the very nature of the car it's hard to be sure of what I should ask/expect. I can supply pictures of the car and a copy of the title upon request. confused.gif" border="0

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