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Binsse/Howard 4 an6 cyl Vertical Iinline Engine 1913 or so???

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Does anyone here have a ref book that mentions the Binsse Machine Co of Harrison, NJ, apparently involved in the developing/mfg?? of a Howard automobile engine around 1913 or so???

Listing under gasoline automobile engine builders with the "Howard" reference was in a 1913 Automobile Trade Journal or Directory; I saw one Binsse ad with a pic of an inline 6, in one of the Auto Trade Jnls/Direct's, but lost note re location; Google has a reference to a 1912 pamphlet by Binsse "Spec sheet for Howard 4 and 6 Cyl"

The Binsse company that built boring machines etc was in Newark--don't know if related or not...

Apparntly not connected to the Howard marine engine sold by/mfd by?? Grant-Ferris Co about the same time, altho seems an awful coincidence...

Many thxx!!

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