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Info on Penberthy Ball & Ball SV22 Carburetor Needed


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I am in the process of restoring a Penberthy Ball & Ball SV22 carburetor for a customer; this carb happens to be on a '21 Mercer sedan, but I know that other makes used this model (and similar) Penberthys. As is the case with so many components, this carburetor has been "messed with" by everyone who should be barred by Federal law from working on such a complex device!

My immediate problem is that the piston in the primitive accelerator pump / power valve system seems to be incorrect, and the "valve" mentioned (but not clearly illustrated) in the 1927 Dykes Carburetor Supplement is missing. While the carburetor will no doubt operate without the needed components (albeit with decreased power) provided that the vacuum source is plugged with lead shot, I consider it to be unprofessional to disable anything if I can instead restore it.

I could really use some photos / dimensions of the original missing / incorrect parts if anyone has such a carb (perhaps a spare?) and would not mind disassembling it for a bit of picture taking and measurement.

Jeff Dreibus

The Old Carb Doctor

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