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Dolson Engines 1904-07/8--Who Built Them???

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John Dolson and son built quite nice cars, getting a nicely detailed 3-page writeup in a 1907 Horseless Age issue, incl nice pix and good desc of engine/s...everything except who built them, despite mentioning the builders of other "assembled car" components in that piece...

Robert Dluhy's Brass Era book listed a 2cyl and four different fours:




5x51/2, altho this was maybe a 5x51/4...one of which was in their "Cannonball" roadster, ads guaranteeing 75 mph...

Std Cat, var Aut'm'ble Trade Jnls/Directories, pieces in Harpers, Motor, Motor Way, car spec sites no help...

Does anyone have a ref book that maybe mentions their engine maker/s???

Many thxx!! Bud

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