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Need information about Dodge truck built in Kew gardens


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I have an old Dodge Truck, its build in Kew Gardens, Surrey England.

I think it's 1951 model

Serial no 20640

Model 105AL

Engine no T315.234 6.0L


Can anyone tell me more about this car, and if it has any value?

Best regards


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Hi, these model and serial numbers (of the truck) do not follow any, made in, USA or Canada. I would do the searching of those numbers with Kew.

But with the engine number, comes very close in that '51-'53 years. there was T314xxx and T316xxx listed as Dodge truck, but no T315xxx.

It seems the decimal used with Kew were used as a "star" with USA or Canada....also I read in the 6.0L box shown in the picture to me as 6.CL, as if they indicate 6 cyl. (tax info.).

The T137.com was helpful someshat but like I said, this info. on the plate was generated by Kew so going to find their records is going to put you on this truck. Must be kind of big with 8400 gross.

Let us know what you find, hope this helps, Richie

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Dodge did make some big 6 cyl engines in the US during this time so the 6.0L as in Liter may be correct. In my parts books I found a 377ci for the Dodge 4 ton US trucks and a 331ci 6cyl for the 2 and 3 ton models. 377ci would be slightly larger than 6.0L but close.


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T315 was used in Canada - 250.6-cid engine - on Canadian-built 3 Ton Dodge, Fargo and DeSoto trucks. DeSoto trucks were export only. The Engineering Department codes were used throughout the Chrysler firm, at least prior to the 1970's. Chrysler UK used the Engineering Dept model year letter to denote the model yeat on the serial number, as did Simca and Rootes around 1970.

I suspect the cab is a unique design as the British Dodge Truck used different styling.

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Hello Ingvar, The reason I looked closer at the picture was I looked for a Mopar 6.0L (366 c.i.) and not in the history, but what Kew used, I have no idea. The T315.234 should put it on the year (if it is origional engine) and it does seem to be.

I have included a link to the UK group which may be a good contact for better details of the UK Kew Dodge.

Regards, Richie


A picture of your truck would be appreciated, Thanks

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Did some more digging on the T315 engine.  It was a 250.6-cid 25" block flathead six used in Canadian-built Dodge, Fargo and DeSoto trucks.


The T315 engine was used in 1951-52 on models -


Dodge Truck - DG-3 - 1-½ ton

Dodge Truck - DG-4 - 2 ton

Fargo Truck - FO-3 - 1-½ ton

Fargo Truck - FO-4 - 2 ton

DeSoto Truck - SC-4 - 2 ton


And again in 1953  -


Dodge Truck - DH-4 - 2 ton

Fargo Truck - FP-4 - 2 ton

DeSoto Truck - SD-4 - 2 ton


The engine in 1951-52 had a 6.8:1 compression putting out 110bhp @ 3600 rpm and torque  of 192 ft-lbs @ 1200 rpm


In 1953 the bhp went up to 118 while the torque went to 210 ft-lbs.


Of course, the above output figures are for Canadian production  The British plant probably had different figures, including the compression ratio.

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