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Been a years but here are the new toys


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I know I just posted something about storing my car for the winter. Then realized I never shared my toys I had picked up this past year.

I had a 1936 Pontiac sedan. (cream/green car)

I traded the pontiac for a 1949 Ford f1 pickup. Even up. I just had to put mine on a trailer. Take it from New york to Greenbay. (grey)

I took my truck to a local Boces last year so they could work on paint and body work. I thought they couldn't mess it up any worse that I can.

Plus it gives the younger generation to plan and get interested in the older cars. Went over very well except 1 hickup. The truck wasn't done for this summers cruisin.

So I knew of a car sitting in a garage. Made him a cash offer and took it home.

I am now also a proud owner of a 1938 Nash Ambassador 6 (blue and black)

The car isn't perfect but was a blast to drive all summer long.

Just thought I would share. Hope you all enjoypost-75224-143142262879_thumb.jpg



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