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1. 1937-38 MECHANICS REPAIR MANUAL, 41 page REPRINT, GOOD. $8.00

2. 1953 ACCESSORIES INSTALLATION MANUAL, 114 pages, GOOD (Dirty covers). $18.00

3. 1933-47 SERVICE BULLETINS/NEWS, 81 issues + Extra sheets on tools,colors etc. (SOME issues missing), GOOD (SMALL TEARS on some pages), WILL NOT BREAK UP $280.00 FOR ALL.

4. Four Cylinder PARTS, Dated 3/1/39, SOME illustrations, 83 pages, GOOD. $22.00

5. Combined CHASSIS & BODY, Dated 7/1/37, 137 pages, DIRTY but Complete. $22.00

6. Vintage Chevrolet Club of America "Generator & Distributor " MAGAZINES 1973-1980, 64 Issues (SOME issues missing). $80.00 FOR ALL. WILL NOT SpLIT UP.

7. Oct. 1976 "CHEVROLAND NUES" MAGAZINE, (Volume 1, #1), 46 pages, GOOD. $8.00

Free shipping by Multi Media to LOWER 48. Contact:

Thanks for stopping to look.


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