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Sharply Sytlised "S" on old T-head Timing Cover--Schlosser T-Head 1907??-1913??

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Anyone here have a Schlosser T-head (Schlosser Mfg Co, 151 E 126th, NY City 1906?? thru 1930 and maybe later)...engines built 1907??-?? for autos, trucks, marine, used in some/all?? Schlosser cars 1910-13??

If so, does it have a sharply angled stylized "S' on the center of the front timing cover?? Just an "S", no surround or outline, maybe a period looking thing on the right bottom curve/angle of the "S".

OR does that emblem sound familiar to anyone??

Many thxx!! Bud

(Trying to figure out how to make link for pic)...

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