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1953 Buick Skylark: Looking for Clamps to secure steering box to frame

Guest David Dixon

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Guest David Dixon

I am in the process of trying to re-assemble the steering system of a 1953 Skylark, which was disassembled a year ago by someone else. Naturally, in that time, some of the parts have gone missing, and I'm in the unfortunate position of trying to locate them. I need the clamps and [long] bolts that secure the steering gearbox housing (at the bottom end of the steering column) to the frame. The Skylark has power steering. Please advise if you know where I might obtain these parts.... I've called around, and no luck. I don't even know if these clamps are unique to the skylark, or if they're the same as other Buicks of the same era.

Thank you in advance! So frustrating!



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I found a pair of clamps, so I'm all set! A few of you called to offer suggestions.... thank you very much for the help.

Just a note for future readers of this thread..... There is no difference between '53 manual or power steering clamps. I just swapped to power and used the clamps from the manual, on the power box.


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