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1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

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Thanks James, I have a area picked out for my photo shoot when I get it all finished. I did some more work on the rear quarter on the passenger side today. I know it's nothing exciting. Believe me I'm as excited doing it as getting a root canal, but it has to get done. The smoke from the fires has cut down on the blazing heat and sun so it's not bad. I got the panel as straight as I could since that side got pretty beat up. Applied a skim coat of filler and started sanding. More sanding to do yet, a lot more. I also had a small rust area under the rocker I forgot about, but patched it up and got it ready to be primed when I lay down another coat. I got a nice tool for my birthday to help with all the sanding. 






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I'm pretty good on a fire buffer. Surrounded by lots of concrete and rock. The trees that I do have are on the outer parts of the property and not close to the house.  We're getting a lot of smoke from the California fires. The sun is orange during sunrise and sunset. Just grey during the day. Here's the sun at 5:30pm






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More progress on the Mercury today.  Did more sanding and filler.  Looks pretty good, but will see how it sands out after it's primed.  I'm sure I will have more to do.  I discovered a repair that was done long ago on the lower rear quarter just in front of the rear wheel.  With all the things I have found on the car by taking it apart it had to come off the road at one point .  The panel got damaged along with the lower rocker, the oil pan was dented and scratched deep, so was the transmission cross member, trans oil pans had scratches, the U joint ring on the drive shaft had a big chunk taken out of it, the rear axle on that side had a newer bearing and seal, the rear leaf spring hanger in the back was bent, and the rear diff had a broken roll pin in the spool.  So apparently the guy like to drink and smoke and had a few to many and went off the side of the road.  With all the beer can openers I found and butts in the ashtray.  Fun times.





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