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Original sparkplug for 1919 Oakland / Mclaughlin

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I have listings for the 30`s and 40`s for the Mclaughlin Northway engine 78S is the conversion after WWII.

I have a nice number of ads from earlier date but none show the plug attached. Plugs from the 1919 era have no numbers marked on the plug and catalogues don`t seem to exist that early... I have found a good number of these plugs around but typically in bad used condition. the one pictures is new.

Does anyone have an ad that would confirm that this is the correct AC original spark plug for either the Mclaughlin or Oakland 34b from 1919post-64230-14314225952_thumb.jpg


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If you find some very early ads the ads show the plugs in a picture and that would be the reference. I am actually most surprised that the plug I show is not in any of the ads... often those same ads mention the cars they are to be used for... AC was the OEM in the early days for GM products as weel as many other non ford brands... Ford used Champion and there is a story about that... AC= Albert Champion... Champion was the original name that Ford came to have rights to that name.. forget all the gory details.

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