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1946 Ford Truck to bus conversion restoration project in Iceland

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Thought some of the readers here would be interested in seeing an Icelandic restoration of a 1946 Ford truck that had been converted to a 10 passenger bus and cargo carrier.

Two men from the Transportation Museum in Ystafell, Iceland The museums director, Sverrir Ingólfsson and Jón Sigurðsson are working to rebuild the vehicle to it's original condition. This vehicle was used in the Icelandic countryside from 1946 until 1964. The restoration was started in 2011 and is to be ready for the 90th anniversary of the vehicles inception in 2017

You can see the original article in Icelandic and five photos at the website below. I did not translate everything but if you have further questions I will be happy to translate further



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Peter, you can also use Google translate. Here is what Google says:

The Transport museum on Ystafell in cold Declare two men working hard with the simulation allsérstöku project called in everyday speech refuge car .

There are those Sverrir Ingólfsson Director and Jon Sigurdsson who work most of the car with the help of good people , but simulation is not straightforward because both conventional projects as a machinery components and pubs are being resurrected Icelandic workmanship , namely Icelandic bodywork that were much used in this country at one time .

Based over the car in Akureyri

The car in question was the beginning of chassis 1946 Ford truck that was purchased with wings, bonnet and forecastle . Then he built over three times the house and platform bodywork workshop Grim Valdimarsson in. The house took ten passengers plus driver and was a strong , high-quality , it was possible to screw down all the windows on the sides and it was wearing a floor and walls with upholstery Gefjun . This car was used in all logistic Kristnes for asylum in Eyjafjörður from 1946 to 1964. He was used for trips with patients and incidentals .

Rafn Helgason , shuffle Eyjafjörður the barn in which he acquired after the institution , but later found the car in Ljósavatn his cheek where he had torn the house and stood there for many years. Helgi Magnusson and Henry Thorarensen acquired it and brought it into storage Ear Reykjavik , but weekends and Henry gave the museum so all your stuff in 2010 .

Change in woodwork cation

" We have a house in the old workshop of his father in August 2010 and the first winter we watched it and tried to persuade us courage when we were working on other projects , " said Sverrir Director in an interview with the morning paper.

" In the autumn of 2011, so start working on the undercarriage . We had a frame and motor from another car so we finished structure and mechanism mostly through spring 2012 . Last November was the start house. We set it up at the gate to let the house sit right and save space in the process. There is a big difference between working in a bar , much hygienic and to some extent from the rest ryðbætingunum ! The main problem in this simulation is what the timber had become degraded , it lacks a lot of stick pairs and no drawings , so it takes much time to find out how things were originally . "

Swords and Jon estimate to complete the simulation car before Kristnes The place will be 90 years , it is the year 2017.

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