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Novice needing advice PLEASE

Guest othomasjr

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Guest othomasjr

We recently inherited a 1939 Packard 120 2 door convertible. It was running and driving when put away 31 years ago in an enclosed barn with concrete floor. We don't intend to restore it.

I have a friend that is interested and we are trying to agree on a price. I want to give them a fair price based on condition.

I know this is a loaded question because of all the unknowns, but anyone that could help give me a ballpark price based on the enclosed photos, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you very much.







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It will depend on just how rusty the car is. It's hard to tell from the photos, but the bottom half of the door looks to have serious rust problems, unless I'm seeing some sort of reflection. Also, the "new" paint job may be hiding a lot of sins, because the rear fender area where it mounts to the body is an extremely vulnerable place for rust to form. If may have been simply covered up with bondo, then painted. Being a convertible, it is desirable, but it's going to take a lot of $$ to get it to a point where one is proud to drive it around.

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If it's been sitting that long, I hope you're not trying to start it without some major rework, I see a truck headed up to it with jumper cables....there'll be oil sludge, bad gas, possibly stuck valves, and you can do a lot of damage trying to get it running as it sits.

You asked for ball park, so I'll go out on a limb and give some numbers. The 120 is not a Full Classic, but it's a nice size car with an eight and they drive and ride quite well. Restored, these cars now seem to be in the $50K to 70K range, a lot higher than the Junior series Packards were a few years ago.

That car's a long way from that level, and I'd say if you got $18K-20K for it you'd be doing quite well, I personally think it's worth $14-15 as it sits, non-running.

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Agree with David's assessment. If the car was known to be solid, tack on a few grand, $25K would be realistic, but given the likelihood of some rust, I would think if retailing a $20K ask and 17 - 18K actual sell price would be doing well, perhaps a bit less, like $15K to a friend. It will take all of the difference and then some to take that car (albeit a complete and desirable car) from it's current state to a restored, $50 - 70K car.

Hopefully, if he is a good friend, your friend knows this.

Good luck on the sale.

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