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1965 Wildcat Convertible 4 speed project

Guest BJM

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Buick made three models of WILDCAT convertibles in 1965,

BASE series 46267

DELUXE series 46467

CUSTOM series 46667.

This car is a top of the line Custom.

Total production for all Wildcat convertibles was 4616.

ONLY 107 total - 4 SPEED WILDCAT CONVERTIBLES were made. This was also the LAST year Buick offered a 4 SPEED in a BIG car.

I believe there are less than 10 known to exist (might be only 5).

This was a factory paint code R - FLAME RED car with BLACK INTERIOR>Cowl tag shows the correct accessory code of 2L for a 4 Speed and console. R stands for Rear Speaker.

Bought new in WAPELLO IOWA at PINE Motors. Spent it whole life in the same area. Regretably it was parked in a field and left to rot. It is rough. Floors are Gone and trunk floor has holes. Frame has holes also. Car Rolls.Has a good set of 45 fined Aluminum front drums. Original Borg Warner T-10 transmission.

All of the 4 speed linkage is gone. Do have trans.No bellhousing but clutch and flywheel still there.

Motor is complete but I do not believe original.Missing radiator but has the top shroud plate.

INTERIOR- Not much left.Dash is complete with the 4 speed floor shift column and Manual plate for the dash. Has Speed Warning and power top.. Console and shifter and trans crossmember gone GONE. NO FLOORS or Seats.


If you are a Buick collector this is a super rare find. In 2007 a restored one was listed for 60K.

Clear TITLE with tags.


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I don't post these craigs list finds anymore because there are just soo many out there, nobody buying (including me!) But this is an interesting find. I even think I posted this one before and Ted said NO, he already had one or two or three.

There are some items that I find interesting, other then being a super rare car. The selling dealer is in a place called Wapello Iowa, which is in "my neck of the woods."

My parents are from Columbus Junction, Iowa and most of the "old line" relatives, many since passed, are from either Wapello or towns adjacent. I am almost 100% sure that Pine Motor Company is out of business even before doing a google search.

Since I basically got out of the old car hobby except for cursory lurker interest, I have taken up some other hobbies including railroad history and I need to go to Wapello soon for some research. It would tempting to stop in and see this car.

Are the sellers comments accurate and can any 4 speed expert confirm this cars heritage based on the provided tags?

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I know the seller probably wants to make a profit but why would you not want to move it into the hands of one of the few folks capable and willing to tackle it rather then let it sit forever until you get your price? I would sure like to put one more 4 speed convertible back in the inventory. There probably are no more out there, maybe less then 5.

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Yes it's really bad shape and it would take probably one, maybe 2 parts cars to get it done, plus an empty garage. But it is one of the iconic Buicks of the 60's. The last full size manual shifted Buick, one of as he notes, just 107 cars puts it in rare air. Not a big one of fan,but if you are going to clear out a garage and go fot it, this would be a good choice. On the other hand, so would a custom trimmed automatic 65 Wildcat.

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I see the car is in Des Moines. In 1979 I drove a new Chevy Impala wagon from the AFB near Omaha to New York on RT 80. I remember Des Moines on the horizon ahead of us for hours on that flat land. And then in the rear view mirror for hours after we passed it. I joked with my wife about it looking like the Emerald City and how the corn fields should have been poppy's.

Got the makings there for a heck of a story where the Wizard gives you a Wildcat with no floor to get home in.


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