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Speaking of pinstriping.....

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The person, with a great local reputation, that I hired to put the pinstripe on my car was good, fast and obviously very competent. Looks like the fellow on this video takes it to an even higher level.

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Well, I hired a pinstriper who did a great job on my Pierce, very good and very competent, but fast? Not so much.....a lot of pinstripers take a good bit of time just getting ready, both with equipment and mentally.....and I won't tell the whole tale again here, but he was literally blind in one eye and fair vision in the other, used a high intensity light and a jeweler's loupe to do the work...but wow what a nice job....

But not fast, think he was at the house 5 hours to do the car....but I'm not complaining...

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Boy, could I tell you stories about sign painters...where to start?

Back in the day, about 1967, a farmer friend had an older painter put his name and address on the doors of a new 1967 Ford "ten wheeler". He painted Heathsville, Va. on one side, and Heathville, Va. on the other????? Should have used a mirror???:P

Back in about 1986 I had a fellow in Richmond, Va. letter one of my trucks. He was well known for quality work, but also for "slowwwww" work. I keep checking on him twice a week. After the second week, he started telling me that he was "burning the midnight oil"!???? That worked for me, because he certainly wasn't burning anything during the day!!:)

Best for last, I drove all the way to Michigan to letter a new Pete back in 1994. (had a load about 250 miles away from there) The guys did excellent work. I like to make a statement so, being a good 'ol southern boy, I told him I wanted "General Lee's" picture painted on the back of the standup cab. (I have civil war logos on my trailers) Well, for an artist to copy something like this required a copy. My wife faxed a picture of General Lee from one of our history books and my new friend was preparing to "do the deed".

The resident expert artist came around the corner wearing these fake "coke bottle" glasses and said, "Hey I know Bruce!"

My god, what a two day adventure that was. You know, the best part was that people would tell me that "Lee" looked like his eyes were following you as you walked by..... COOL!!

I miss those days. Pure artists are getting really hard to come by now, with everyone going to vinyl lettering. A shame.


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We are fortunate here in Louisville to have Dave Taylor's House of Color which specializes in pinstriping by hand. They do the best work I've seen anywhere, I recommend them. I had both our Bentley and our 25/30 hand-striped some years ago and watched them do it, which made them a little nervous. The Bentley took a 1/16th inch (!) stripe in dark gray over white paint, all freehand and not a single correction necessary. The 25/30 I had done in a 1/8th inch burgundy stripe over pale yellow paint in order to accentuate the body reveal line we were putting it on (showed up better than a really narrow stripe) and there was only one tail end I had corrected while I watched, simple to do while the striping enamel was still wet. Note those long brush sable hairs that are able to load a lot of paint on the brush for those smooth rounded areas. Neat.

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