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1982 Datsun Maxima Wagon Diesel

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I will try to get some pics of it this weekend. It now resides in its own garage all covered up with nice soft blankets, so, I would need to uncover it and take the shots then re-cover it. But I will try my best.

Obviously, I did not buy this car to be used as an every day driver. It is just way too nice for that, as is my 1983 Ford F100 with 53,000+ original miles - but that's another story..............

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Both my dad and I had 82 Datsun King Cab pick ups with diesel engines. He bought his new and I bought mine about 5 years later that was like new with 22K miles on it. These only had 2.2L 4 bangers with 5 speed in them but they were bullet proof. They were slow to get going but would cruise at 70 mph without any trouble. I ended up selling mine to my dad 20 years ago after his got rear ended. He still has it but quit driving it a few years ago after the rear main seal started leaking.

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I would love to find a nice Datsun,Toyota, etc diesel pickup but they are hard to come by in any kind of good condition. Many years ago I had the opportunity to buy a friends 1980 or 81 Datsun diesel pickup. It was his grandfathers and he said I could have had it for $300.00. Sorry I didn't buy it.

The Maxima has the 2.8 6 cylinder diesel which doesn't make it a rocket by any stretch of the imagination. Being non-turbo'ed makes for a slow take off and steep hills can be challenging, too.

I have owned 3 Tempo diesels and they pulled up hills with little loss of speed or power.

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