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Please ID Left Side Phaeton Doors of what?


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These are very good shape but need repair and restoration......they do not have outside door handles and no handles on the inside either except one has what looks like a indentation for a handle ...the hinges are screwed into metal bar within the inside of frame....they are metal on both sides and a sort of indentation or pocket in the middle.there is a about 3/4" raised edge all around both doors....i saw a picture of a 1915 Buick that looked similar but not quite......they are not Model T(i think) or 1926 or 27 Chevrolet Touring as my Uncle said they do not match since Chevy doors are wood framed and these are all metal.........if interested please e-mail me with offer and/or identity....Leon<P> ltravel@swbell.net Tdoor3.jpg

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