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1932 Chevrolet - Wanted - Parts for this vehicle


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My son, John and I are seeking the following parts for our 1932 Chevrolet BA Deluxe 4 Dr. Sedan. <P>1. Passenger & Driver Side Interior Sunvisors or any parts for these items<BR>2. Trico Mirrors for the Sidemounted tires or any parts for these items <BR>3. Extension trunk and extension rack or any parts for these items<BR>4. Latches for extension trunk<BR>5. Heater <BR>6. Cigarette Lighter<BR>7. Company to provide nickel plating for misc. interior parts<BR>8.Complete muffler system <BR>9. Transmission mounts<BR>10. Dealer Sales Album Portfolio consisting of Four Albums<BR>11. Accessory Catalogue<BR>12. Any type of literature for the about mentioned vehicle. <BR> <BR>Please contact myself at the following phone numbers. 1-203-367-6220 Office 1-203-334-7095 Office Fax<BR>1-203-268-5477 Home 1-203-268-2064 Home Fax <BR>1-203-395-7627 Mobile merrittcon@aol.com, my email address<BR> <BR> If you possess any of these parts and they are “For Sale”, could you contact us at your earliest convenience.<BR> If you don’t have them available but may know someone who does, please forward our name to them or send me their<BR>name, phone number or address so we can contact them directly. <BR> merrittcon@aol.com

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