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Olds 303, valve noise

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I have noticed over the last few months that the rocker/lifter noise has been getting louder and now it sounds like I have at least one lifter that won't pump up. I understand that the top ends of these motors were not the best and some ticking is to be expected even though they have hydraulic lifters.

I pulled the valve cover and intake manifold over the weekend and saw 3 completely dry rockers and the related push rods were ground to a point. On the positive side, the cam looks good and it is getting plenty of oil. I noticed that all of the rocker arms have wear on the valve side as well. (recess ground into the rocker where it presses down on the valve)

I can replace the pushrods and lifters easy enough but rocker arms seem to be scarce. I really need to keep the costs under control as well so I'm looking for some advice. Does anyone make adjustable pushrods to fit these motors so I have some ability to make up for the wear on the rockers? Are there any shims that can be used on the rockers to accomplish the same?

I know the right thing to do would be to replace everything but I just can't shell out $700+. Fusicks only has replacement rockers for 52'-58' which I think will fit my 50' but I would need to replace all 16. Replacement push rods, lifters and gaskets will be around $300. I'm ok with a little ticking and I believe ensuring that all of the rocker oil passages are clear and damaged pushrods are replaced should put me in a good place but I really don't want to do this job again either.

Any "tricks of trade" out there I should be considering?

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If you would like something EXTRA SPECIAL --- I have exactly 16 N.O.S. ++ O.E.M. ++ G M (HL26) ++ Valve Lifters in the Original G M


None of the "repro" houses such as a Fusick's can have something that SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can supply you with the rest of the engine parts -- but not OEM G M !!!! -- but might be able to save you some money....

Call me -- Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935... New York...

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