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Available literature/references for Model A Speedsters

Dan Brobst

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There really is not much published on Model A Speedsters, mostly because they are a phenomenon of the later part of the 20th centruy. During the Model A era, folks like the idea of being in an enclosed car, out of the weather. While there were a few speedster type cars on the road, the closed, weather tight, moderatly heated cab was quite an appeal during a time when 3/4 of the population was still in Horse and buggy and most T's were open to the weather. Most cars had leather or oilcloth tops, and after a few years you were back in the weather. But the A had a hard roof option. And it was affordable.

Soft tops whether they opened or not, (not all soft tops were intended to open) were sold at about the same rate as the Hard top closed cab, despite the fact that they cost less, I think if the price were equal, then the hard top would have outsold the soft top by a long shot.

The convertble car casually ripping around the countryside was just not part of the vernacular in the late 20's early 30's to the common man, and the common man was Henry’s customer.

The "A" Speedster is a creation of more modern times as a salute and throwback to allure of the open wheel county fair dirt track racers that many Model A's were eventually turned into. It just so happens that in many states they are titled as Model A's and legal for road use.

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