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www.pure-gas.org It even has an app for the smartphones that uses your location and list the closest station to you.

Closest to me is average 120 mile round trip but on highways so good gas mileage and nice liesurely drives in the car. I just wonder if a trip to get gas out weights the benefits of having ethanol free gas in your car while it's sitting and being driven...humm....

Otherwise what products do others have great luck with for fuel additives to ethanol gas?


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I am having success with Sta-bil Marine Formula (the blue stuff). I had always used the "regular" red Sta-bil to keep the gas in the tank from going stale, but switched to the marine formula/blue stuff a couple years ago when the ethanol epidemic surfaced. For full disclosure I should also say that I am running with a restored carburetor with updated seals and soft rubber parts designed for modern fuel blends. I usually only put in about 1/2 tank of gas (10 gallons) at a time, doing so when I'm on about a 1/4 tank. I drive the car frequently in the summer months (almost weekly), so the gas does not sit in the tank long. I would say at most I'll go three weeks between trips to the gas station, certainly no longer than a month.

Now, I treat winter storage differently. I store my car from late October to April, so it sits idle for 5+ months. Before putting the car up for winter storage, I will run the gas gauge as low as I dare to and fill up with ethanol free gas. There is a station reasonably close by, but not close enough to use all the time. I just add the regular red Sta-bil to that fuel-up before parking for the winter.

I have also read good things about products called Star-tron and Mix-I-Go, but I have no experience with those. Hopefully others will respond with their experiences.

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In what year(s) did GM start manufacturing cars to run on ethanol fuels?

If you own a model that was designed to run on ethanol in the first place, you don't need to try to find one of these stations. Ethanol on its own has a higher octane rating that gasoline. Run it if your car is designed for it.


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