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DVAP - the Casa Grande location

Eric W

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Some of you may have seen my posts in Post War. I got to DVAP's Casa Grande location today. These are the guys with a TV show - Desert Car Kings. I called their Phoenix number earlier in the week & they asked what I'm looking for. When I said '51 Buick, they referred me to the Casa Grande location. It seems the older stuff is over there. Anyway, they didn't have what I was looking for (this time), but it gave me a better idea of what they do have. They let me into the yard. Buick row is just past Dodge and maybe 2 rows of Chevy, right before Cadillac (to explain some of what is in the background of the photos here). They seem to have about as many '50-'52 as they do '54-'56 (most of them '55's), and not much later than that, though there are a few. To the photos:

Big sign on the building is because the towing company must have got tired of telling walk ins - no, they're next door...


Here you go - Buick row:





Here's the one with my candidate radiator - no joy:












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OK Buick People: I recently visited their Phoenix yard. I checked out the entire place ($2 for a yard entrance fee) and it was fun walking the yard. That's where it stops. The place looks like K-Mart on Xmas eve...parts strewn everywhere. They stack and that's not happy. I was quoted a few prices by staff and management said no although the gent who waited on me was pretty human. Their prices seemed high too, but what do I know? They had about 25 First Gen Rivs. Oh, it was not happy. Parts were pulled by staff and it looked like pick your part before they clear the line. Many of the cars were cannibalized hard with no regard to preserving what could be a sale for another party, in other words, they didn't remove, they demolished. Anyway, still a fun ride for the $2. Mitch

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I don't know about their capability to cut out floors. Looking at some of the other cars there, there were a few with cuts. Though a floor/trunk cut most of the cost would probably be the labor rather than the part. I don't know enough about Casa Grande to say that's west side of town, but it was maybe 5 miles west of the interstate, and less than 1 mile west of the major N-S highway through town. I thought this place looked fairly organized, with only a couple double stacked (at least on the Buick row). They had a school bus full of radios and various pumps, a bunch of rear ends were all collected together, and you can see from the photos - if you need a door... But "soft stuff" like seats and door panels - pretty much nonexistent.

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