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37 minutes ago, mobileparts said:

You realize, 36 humpback, that you dig up a seven year old thread !?!?!?

Some of these people "you are asking" may no longer be with us.....

And some of us are still around but don't know the answer to the question asked. . .

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115 mm is very close to 4.5 inches.

These cars have a 4.5 lug bolt circle.

Many cars these days measure the bolt circles as 5 on 115 for instance.


"Metric ain't American"

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For some reason I lost track of this thread.  I began posting questions like this on my restoration thread and I must have forgotten to return here and reveal the final outcome.  It turned out my drums were still within specifications.  I had a local shop do a real skim turning, taking off just enough to get rid of the slight ridge that had formed.  The brakes are now rebuilt and functioning.

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