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brake lite switch 38 dodge D8


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hi all,

would like to ask put test lite on wires to brake switch 1 shows total power to lite other shows very weak power is that correct or should they both show full power to test lite if so anyone know what problem may be.

thanks johnny

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Wires unplugged, one will have full power and one dead.

Wires hooked up should be the same until you step on the pedal when they should both be full voltage.

If you are getting full voltage on one and weak voltage on the other when all hooked up (no pedal) then you could have a short thru the brake light switch.

Maybe that would lead to a dead battery after awhile.

Do your brake lights work?

I have seen a bad ground at a tail light cause erratic readings elsewhere in some circuits. Such as a tail light looking for a ground causing some voltage to show up like you are describing. This would only happen if you are doing your tests with the lights on and at least one parking light is not grounded properly.

Grounds are very important and often difficult to troubleshoot.

I could really throw you a curve when I suggest that a faulty turn signal switch could show a reading like you describe as well.

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Try unplugging both wires from the brake light switch and then hook them together with a jumper or a paper clip or something Be careful that you don't touch any metal on the car with this set up. Then if the brake lights are on its the switch.

Does the car have turn signals? If so do they work?

If you don't have turn signals on the car then trace the wire with no current wire to the back lights. If you have turn signals then you will be chasing that wire to the signal switch.

Trouble shooting procedure is difficult for me to describe, Make sure that the bulbs are good, sockets are good, are you using a test light or a volt meter?


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