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Upper Control Arm Bumper


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As part of the total restoration of my '65, I rebuilt the front end last year. At the time I did not have replacement upper control arm bumpers, so I left them out. I finally picked up a set and realized I cannot install them as the control arm is laying on the frame. I figured this was caused by the drivetrain being out so there is no weight on the front end. I bounced up and down on the frame to see if the suspension would move and it would not budge. Yes, I know my 150lbs does not compare to the weight of the engine, but I figured it might see a little movement, but there was none. I am assuming I will need to wait until the engine is installed to slide the bumpers in place. Before I assume this is correct, do the pictures of my front end look correct? I would rather not discover I was wrong once the engine is in. I cannot find any pictures of the front end with the engine installed, but I was able to find pictures of someone else's front end, I took at a show. Will my front end actually move that much when the engine is installed?






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Your suspension looks fine. Yes, you will need about 750-850 lbs of weight on that front end to get it close to actual ride height. My rolling chassis is sitting in my garage restored still w/o the engine and transmission installed, or the body and front clip.

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Thanks Rob

I looked at the pictures in your photobucket account and your suspension looks like mine. That makes me think I am good to go; just need to add a little weight, which will come when I finally get my engine assembled

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