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Parts to rebuild a 1921 multi-disc clutch?

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I received an e-mail from a 1921 Buick owner in Spain, who wants to know where he can obtain the parts to rebuild the multi-disc clutch in his car. I can't help, as I've never done nor had that done before. Does anyone have a source? HIs e-mail is pjuncosa@laprotectora.com Here is his inquiry:

I have a 6 cyl Buick the year 1921 and I need the parts to overhaul the clutch discs.

Live in Pamplona, Spain.

I appreciate your contribution.

Regards Paul

PABLO JUNCOSA BLASCOP.R.L .- MantenimientoLA PROTECTORA S.A.Carretera Orcoyen, s/n 31012 Pamplona (Navarra)T 948 25 19 12 F 948 17 22 62

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I am not aware of anyone selling 'new' discs. I have heard of owners getting the discs re-lined. The correct friction lining thickness is important or the multi disc 'stack' will be too tall to fit in the clutch assembly and still release. I know Buick states in the parts book how thick the brake lining material should be, not sure if they do the same for the clutch. Leif (Master of the Master Parts List) what do they say? Anything on clutch lining thickness?

In my case, finding used discs that are in better shape than the ones that are worn is what I did. The outer 'ear tabs' that ride on the hub tend to wear, and need to be checked before purchasing any used discs (to be used or re-lined).

I 'heard' someone made discs out of round skill saw blades. Not sure if it is true.

I also remember there is a right and wrong way to assemble the 'stack' and then also to install it. And there is an end disc too. Easy to screw up. Mine was in wrong when I bought my car and I was lucky to catch it upon re-assembly. Take a good close look at the cut-away drawing in the owners manual for the correct orientation and end disc.

There is a pilot bushing in the end of the crankshaft for the transmission input shaft nose. My pilot bushing was missing too.

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Brian. Anything on clutch lining thickness? There are no thickness told in any of my parts books,but I will measure the lining tomorrow.

Round skill saw blades is a good idea I think, even if there are a lot of work to do on them before you can use them,but I think that`s the right steel material.

Leif in Sweden.

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1918 and 1919 are the same I'm pretty sure.

A friend with a 1919 6 cyl had his clutch rebuilt with new clutch friction material. His steels were OK.

He used a company:

Lawrence Shaffer,

Shaffer Antique Machine and Supply, 3400 Valley Vista Drive, Central Point, Oregon. 97502, ph 541-855-7509

He relined the clutch and also did the brake bands for the '19

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I don't have my shop manual handy but the last time I had the trans out I was able to check the thickness of the friction plate. The thickness was specified in the shop manual.

There are industrial machine shops that rebuild heavy equipment clutches. They could do one and they must have that kind of shop in Spain. I found a shop in DC years ago to do mine. They worked on cranes and stuff like that.


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I have measured my new lining and they are 9/16"-5/32 = 3.8 mm-4.00mm thick.I can`t find anything in any of my books about the thickness on the lining, exept for this below from 1925 Master Shop Manual that tell it`s time to change the lining if the disc and 2 "facing" is less than 5/16".

Leif in Sweden


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