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Help. 1951 Desoto Project


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I have a new project car, a 100% original Desoto! I am young and don't have very much knowledge on cars in general let alone this one. I am pretty good with bodywork but mechanics and electronical arent my forte. If anyone can give me any tips or help when it comes to fixing up this old car I'd greatly appreciate it. Links to helpful websites are welcome as well. Thank you very much

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6volt positive ground electrics. Left hand threads on left side wheels. Yes the rear hubs are hard to get off, you need a real big strong puller.

Fluid Drive was an early effort at making an automatic trans. It has some characteristics of an automatic and some of a manual trans. Requires a special driving technique, easy once you know how. If you want the gory details they have been covered 100 times. Search Fluid Drive in the Chrysler and Dodge sections. There were some real long, detailed discussions in 2008.

Brakes especially front brakes, state of the art for the times. Work very well if set up and adjusted correctly but need more care and precision than the loose leaf brakes of some other makes.

Other than that the 51 DeSoto was simple, well made, reliable and not hard to work on. Get the factory repair manual and follow it. They made them for every DeSoto garage and there are still plenty around.

By the way the 51 DeSoto is practically identical to the 51 Chrysler Windsor except for trim and upholstery details, and 1/4" shorter stroke engine. Almost all mechanical parts are alike and interchangeable.

Most parts like brake shoes, fan belts, batteries etc etc are available from your local NAPA store. Then there are specialist parts suppliers like Roberts Motor Parts, Andy Bernbaum, and Vintage Power Wagons ( the Dodge Power Wagons used the same engine and VPW has lots of engine parts at good prices).

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