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1931 studebaker commander wiring

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can any one tell me how to wire the dome light on my 1931 commander model 70 it has a switch on the right door post for the back seat but all the wires have been removed. I could use a complete schematic Thanks R L

To R L Elder; This forum does not allow pasting Excel files in a message, email me direct at studeracer_37@yahoo.com and I can reply with an Excel file of 1931 vehicle wiring that indicates all wires by size, type, color, start and destination points and function.


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As for the radiator emblem it is 1 1/2" across. Studebaker used a variety of sizes and colors starting with the 1916 Series 16 in mid 1915. Many of these are shown in the image below. The one correct for the model 70 is shown in the lower left corner (4).


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