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For Sale 1916 / 17 Maxwell 25 Tourer parts

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With winter coming its time to move some things around the shop. My stash of Maxwell parts needs to go to make room. I'm looking to hold on to the frame, a set of lights with brackets, and body but I have a lot of other parts that need a new home.


headlight buckets

headlight brackets


two gear boxes

one motor ( almost complete)

all the wood is pretty bad but very good for making templates. Would sell all

spare door

tire carrier

bottom skid pan

full hood with sides

8 wheels ( one set in very good condition poorly painted yellow / one set currently on the vehicle. metal is good but the wood needs replacing.

top bows

3 radiators

2 radiator shrouds

I would be willing to sell the whole package for a fair price but so far I have had no luck doing that. If you are interested in the whole vehicle PM me. I'm willing to ship large stuff.


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