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66 Riv for sale in Chicago suburbs $5500

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I just noticed this '66 at the end of my street so I walked up there and took some photos. Photo quality is not the greatest since it was done with my mobile phone. I couldn't get a photo of the front without falling through some bushes.

It appears to be midnight blue and is probably a re-paint (just my judgment). If any board members are interested you can contact the seller using the information in photo #2. If you like I can ring the doorbell and crawl around on your behalf.






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I still see this car every day on my way to work. I'd love for it to get out of the weather and into a good home (my garage is full). One would think that the longer it sits the more negotiable the price would become.

I am looking for a nice '66. It is hard to read the phone number and see the car.

Thank you for posting this.


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