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Smoke from valve cover breather

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I have a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 with a 223 3.6L L6. This engine has been in stock for about 20 - 30 years before I installed it in my car.

I changed all filters, ignition, gaskets (including the headgasket and the machine shop straightend the head), grinding the valves, fluids changes, etc.

Now the engine runs very strong and fine, but has a lot of smoke coming from the filler tube and cranckcase breather. It seams to do it more when it warms up then it does when its cold. So my though was the piston rings so we did a compression test with these results;

#1 110

#2 120

#3 125

#4 100

#5 128

#6 125

Not to bad if you ask me!? the manual told me it should have 140 - 160 so there is a difference. We have another 59 Ford with the same engine and that one does not smoke, so we did a nother test to compare with these results;

#1 125

#2 120

#3 90

#4 95

#5 125

#6 120

This one was even lower! Where can my smoke come from, and how can i solve this? don't know what to try any more. The spark plugs are fouled some times from the oil and there is some oil on the threat of the plug.

Any help is welcome!

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