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1937 Roadmaster Phaeton


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The '37 Limited I had a few years back had wood through out the body, sides, roof and floor. It was a real mess from all the moisture that was absorbed into the wood. I was told only the Specials and Centurys had all steel body, '39 was the first year all the models were steel bodied.

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The floor boards are wood as is the body frame rail (my '38 has the wood body frame rail as well). the mount for the top frame will be wood like my 38.

I believe it is pretty much the same amount of wood as a 36 Roadmaster, which is considerably more than my 38. Admittedly I do not know the exact extent, but I would not call it an "all steel body" like 38's big series sedans (and to 95% degree the 'vert)

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