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1931 Dodge


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First time poster, but I need help identifying a car that belonged to my Great Grandparents. I've been told it's a 1931 Dodge, but the model is unknown. I have the opportunity to purchase this car to keep it in the family but would like to know what I'm getting. I believe it's a DH6, but I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated! If it makes any difference, it is a Canadian car.



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The radiator shell is similar to the 1931 DH6, but that has all of the looks of a 1930 DD Six Dodge with the side vents and straight bumpers. The engine number above the generator on the flat pad on the driver's side front of the engine should tell you what model it is. Should start with the "DD" and then some numbers if it is the original engine. Here are some 1931 DH6 sedans....and a shot of what the rear bumpers should look like on a rear spare tire mounted (1931) car....






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Nice find! Even comes with the YOM plates and SNOW TIRES! These are well-made, durable cars. Should last another 80 years.

Yes, it IS a nice one....right down to the ultra rare original radiator cap!

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Well. I have agreed to purchase the car and my wife and I are very excited. This has all been over the phone and email as the current owner lives in Calgary and I'm 1200kms away in Winnipeg. The current owner is still unsure on what the car actually is, they have confirmed it is a 6cyl and it actually is a 1930. I have asked them to check the engine plate or the wheelbase, but no response. I would much rather have the shorter wheelbase DD, but my fear is that it could be the longer wheelbase DB. Any thoughts based on the pics? I've attached some interior pics as well. Thanks so much for any info. It's greatly appreciated!!



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