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1946 1947 1948 Buick Parts

Guest mercar64

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Guest mercar64

I'm working on a 1947 Buick Super 4 Door and I'm looking for some specific parts. If anyone has these parts or other 1946/1947/1948 Buick parts or is parting one of these cars out, please let me know. Thank you.

These are the specific parts I'm looking for:

1. Taillight sockets:

There are three on each side, two of which are round and one that is more oblong shaped. I dont know if they would be common to other GM cars of that era or not. Or if anyone else has some ideas about suitable replacements, that would be appreciated too. This is what they look like:


2. Rear Seat Courtesy Light Lens:

This is the lens for the curved light on the rear seat near the floor. One on each side. They may be unique to the four door models but I am not sure. I only need the lens, but I would be willing to buy the whole assembly as well.


3. Hood hinge

This car has four of these hood hinges (the hood opens sideways from either side) and one of the teeth is broken off on one. All four seem to be identical. My guess is that they are likely the same for all models: Roadmaster/Super/Special and probably for the years 1946/1947/1948 if not more.


If anyone has any other parts for these vehicles, I might be interested in them as well.

I can provide more/better pictures if needed as well. Thank you.

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Guest hbond223

Hi Matt, trying to reach you. Do you still have parts for a 46 - 49 Buick conv for sale? Need door garnish moldings for another car that are interchangeable. Please call me at 954-757-0931 or email at hbond223@aol.com. Thanks, Fiona or Howard

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