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FS 1917 Briscoe

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post-31402-143142226478_thumb.jpgSelling 1917 Briscoe B-4-24. has been in my family since 1967. The car was a good original car with only an early 1960's repaint. The upholstery is original and quite useable. Top is from the mid-60's and should be cleaned or replaced. The Briscoe has the unusual crown shaped radiator, gas, and crank hole caps as well as the hubcaps. It needs just a little TLC to get back on the road but a very rare and worthy car. With so many memories of the car I want it to go to a good loving home. Asking only $9800. Located in Lake Mills, WI USA. Please email me, Thomas Edfors, for additional information and numerous photos at edfors@charter.net.
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Try to find a fellow named John Truman Briscoe.  I sold him a Briscoe V-8 way in blazes back in 1974.  He was is the navy then, and put the car into some sort of storage that ended up damaging it, in a good If I remember correctly.  I haven't heard of the car in years.  Sorry I can't do better for you.


Gil Fitzhugh the Elder, Morristown, NJ

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